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Fight To Control The Flow Of Illicit Goods In This Real—Time Cyberpunk Game for 1-5 Players!

Urbana is a violent, filthy city with interesting places for those who want to make quick and dirty money, and have the guts to go for it. Many will become pawns in the greedy hands of Corporations, fighting against gangs of criminals like themselves in an endless urban war.

Illegal technologies like cybernetic implants, clone matrices, computer viruses, and weapons are required and demanded by the city. Each district has their own needs and offers their own rewards.

Fast-acting Corporations are willing to send out their employees in order to demonstrate, distribute, and sell these technologies. The constant churn of illegal production is fueled by the heavy pressure of time and competition. There’s no time to waste. As the Corporations speed by, the slower ones are engulfed by the tides of these Hyperwars.

Seize The Streets!

Build Your Corporate Empire!

Players take on the role of large Corporations competing for hegemony in the market of illicit products. Each District has their own strict needs. Will you control the Districts and flow of goods, and reap the rewards?

Feel The Rush. Take Action!

The Action Phase is played in real-time for exactly five minutes! During this phase, players simultaneously use their Action cards to deploy Agents and move goods from their sources to the Districts they wish to control.

Reap Reward Or Fall Into Ruin!

During the Scoring Phase the player with the most Agents in a given District seizes control and has the chance to fullfil the needs of that District. Gaining rich rewards for success or failing miserably.

Players: 1-5     Time: 10-15 min.       Age: 14+

Will Your Hegemony Spread Across The Districts Of Urbana?

Players: 1-5     Time: 10-15 min.       Age: 14+

Players: 1-5     Time: 10-15 min.       Age: 14+

Players: 1-5     Time: 10-15 min.       Age: 14+

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